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Monday, May 16, 2022

Bradley condemns bullying in Coleraine car park

Maurice Bradley has voiced his ‘disgust’ at bullying at a car park on Railway Toad Coleraine that was filmed and shared on social media.

“I am disgusted this evening (Sunday) to be contacted yet again, by a distraught parent, concerned at the level of bullying in Coleraine at the weekends.

The man, who obviously  cannot be named, sent me a video of young boys and girls attacking another boy in Railway Road Car Park, near the bus station.

What I saw was disgusting and if not stamped out immediately, could lead to serious injury or perhaps a death from his abnormal anti-social behaviour.

Young people need to know that this sort of behaviour is not normal, and those taking part could be deemed a danger to society.

What I saw tonight was an assault by a gang who actually thought it was funny. That is sick.

I suppose those involved think it is clever to gang up on someone unaware that one punch in the wrong place, or a fall hitting the head is enough to kill or cause serious brain damage.

I have lost friends to this sort of thuggery. It isn’t funny for the deceased or his/her family.

I wouldn’t want the PSNI to have to knock a parent’s door to tell them their child was badly injured or killed by this type of behaviour

I have asked the man to forward this video to the PSNI.

And once again I question the PSNI’s commitment to monitoring CCTV cameras outside the normal operating hours of the provider act their Maydown Centre.

I would also question the suitability of the current CCTV system in this town.

It is expensive to run, expensive to maintain, and for some reason, is not receiving the correct support for improvement.

Just last week, I contacted a Causeway Coast and Glens Council Director highlighting the need for CCTV upgrade to HD quality and if possible wi-fi.

I have been told that discussions are currently being held.

The time for walk is over.

It is time for action before some young adult loses his or her life to organised thuggery.

However, parents need to take more responsibility for the actions of their children.

Where is your child at night?

Who are your children hanging around m with?

If you fly with the crows you get shot at, if someone is badly hurt, and your child is there, then they share culpability

This is not the first video I have been sent of this nature. Recently I was sent one of a young bandsman, not in uniform being attacked at the Crescent area of the town.

Another worry I have is that this type of behaviour could very well lead to someone taking the law into their own hands if one of their children is hurt from this type off activity.

There is n to enough PSNI activity.

That is not a failure of our local officers, but a direct failure from the very top of the PSNI, more intent in saving money than solving or preventing crime.”

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