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Sunday, May 22, 2022

BREAKING: Theresa May, Brexit "Deep personal regret.

The Prime Minister has this evening made a statement in Downing Street where she said the delay was a matter of “deep personal regret”.

Speaking to the press, the PM says she hopes MPs can now back her deal as it’s time for them to make a decision. As well as ruling out the UK in the next EU elections, she also ruled out a 2nd referendum as the people have already had their say and believes that;

It’s not what (the people) want, and not what I (PM) wants.”

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She went on to say she was not prepared to delay Brexit past June 30th. Mrs May finished her speech by saying;

“Now you want us to get on with it, and this is what I (PM) intend to do.”

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This comes after Theresa May wrote to EU Council President Donald Tusk earlier today asking to extend Brexit until June 30th. In the letter Mrs May said she ‘needed more time to get her deal passed by MPs’ This would be followed by making it law id the deal passes.

In response to Mrs May’s letter, Mr Tusk has said a short extension was “possible” and that the other 27 EU members would likely agree to this, but only if the PM can get a “Positive” vote from the MPs in backing her deal.

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During PMQ’s earlier today Mrs May said;

“As prime minister, I am not prepared to delay Brexit any further than 30 June.”

This could suggest that Mrs May could be prepared to resign if she is faced with a long delay to Brexit.

Mrs May also told MPs;

“The government intends to bring forward proposals for a third meaningful vote. If that vote is passed the extension will give the House time to consider the Withdrawal Agreement Bill.

If not, the House will have to decide how to proceed.

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