Bullock shot after going on ‘rampage’ near Coleraine


A bullock was shot in Coleraine this morning as it went on a rampage on the public footway between Greenhall Highway and Coleraine West Community Centre.

During rush hour police took to social media to say that they were dealing with a ‘distressed bullock’ and to avoid the area.

A DAERA Spokesperson said:

“Following a phone call from the PSNI this morning (20/5/19) seeking assistance with an escaped bullock in Coleraine, DAERA Veterinary staff attended the location.
After carrying out a risk assessment, including the safety of members of the public, the Humane Slaughter Team was deployed to shoot the animal. An investigation is underway to determine how the animal escaped.”
Shortly after the incident, a police spokesperson said;
“Members of the public are advised that an incident involving a bullock on the loose in the Greenhall Highway area of Coleraine has now been resolved.
There is no danger to the community.”

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