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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Car cruise behaviour ‘disgraceful’ says MLA

SDLP MLA for East Londonderry, Cara Hunter, has called the behaviour at a car cruise on Sunday evening in Portstewart as ‘disgraceful’.

“I have spoken at length with many upset residents today and this cannot happen again.” Said the MLA

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“This week I have spoken with both the PSNI and have previously reached out to our Infrastructure Minister about certain car cruises that are causing havoc in our community.

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These comments follows an increase in the number of visitors to the North Coast over the bank holiday weekend, exacerbated by a car cruise on Sunday night, leading to traffic congestion in the seaside town.

The PSNI in an attempt to disperse the traffic, closed the promenade for a period of time yesterday evening l, including dealing with a number of anti social behaviour issues.

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We have approached the PSNI for comment.

Continuing Ms Hunter said: “Following this weeks meeting with the PSNI, they are doing what they can do to stop this disruptive and anti-social behaviour.

“I hope to raise in the Assembly the need for improved noise pollution legislation to prevent further massive cruises such as this which are causing great havoc and distress to our town.

“I know a lot of young people who live locally, good people, who are passionate about cars, and do not go on like what we have witnessed yesterday. No attempts at social distancing.

“It is shameful – and I will continue to work on this until we find a resolve.”

Fellow MLA for the area Clare Sugden also expressed concern, posting on social media:

“Appalling scenes in Portstewart and Portrush this weekend far beyond the usual car cruise.

“Images sent to me clearly show anti social behaviour which is a criminal offence – these individuals need to stop acting the clown or could find themselves with a record.

“Locals don’t want this; visitors don’t want this! Sadly sanctions will be imposed which will ruin the north coast experience for all.

“I will be speaking with police and Council. This issue is getting out of hand and the misery it’s causing needs to stop.”

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