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Monday, May 16, 2022

Car goes ‘airborne’ in roundabout crash

Police have revealed that a driver who was eventually arrested for ‘driving whilst unfit’ had a narrow escape when his car crashed into a roundabout, going ‘airborne’ in the process.

A Police spokesperson has revealed: “It was early morning and as we were patrolling the North Coast area we were tasked to a one vehicle road traffic collision at the Wattstown Roundabout in Coleraine.

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“Nothing could’ve prepared us for the sights we were about to encounter. On arrival it was evident that the vehicle had either misjudged or hadn’t seen the roundabout therefore causing the car to mount the side of the roundabout sending it and the two passengers airborne through the midst of the hedges and landing half on the roundabout and half on the road.

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“It’s an absolute miracle that no one was seriously injured or killed and what came as even more of a surprise was that the driver had to be arrested for driving whilst unfit.

“Take heed. NEVER ever drink and drive or drive whilst under the influence of drugs or substances if they impair your driving!”

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