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Charlotte Street parking issues set to continue as no solution found


The parking issues along the narrow stretch of road on Charlotte Street in Ballymoney are set to continue as DfI say any options they have are ‘problematic’.

Replying to a question relating to the current parking problems submitted to the department by local Councillor John Finlay, including vehicles mounting the pavement, DfI wrote:

“The various engineering options that the Department may have to restrict vehicles from mounting the footway on Charlotte Street are problematical.

“The existing footways width is too narrow for bollards and the kerb height cannot be raised as it is constrained by the floor level of the houses. Parking is already restricted on one side and to implement further restrictions would restrict all parking including that of residents and would be meet with objections.

“There is a clear onus on all motorists to drive in a safe manner, exercising due care and attention. If there is a persistent problem with vehicles mounting the footway residents should report such incidents to the police.”

Responding to the departments response Cllr Finlay has said:

“I am disappointed with this response as many residents have been worried about their safety when walking out of their front door and meeting a car driving on the footpath. This could lead to a serious accident and could be easily avoided by introducing the appropriate safety precautions.

“Ideally, in the long term, the street could operate a one way system, which would greatly improve the safety of residents.

“I will continue to ask questions about further safety measures and will keep residents informed of any further updates I receive.”