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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Cllr Holmes ‘concerned’ about attacks on places of worship

Cllr Richard Holmes has raised concerns at ongoing attacks on Places of Worship within the Borough.

Recent figures have revealed figures for 2018/19 were 12, the same as in 2017/18 but up from the 8 recorded crimes in 2016/17.

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Cllr Holmes said:

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“The recent attack on St Anne’s Chapel in Kilrea highlighted the ongoing attacks on Places of Worship. No matter what the denomination, these buildings should be cherished as places of peace and sanctuary. It speaks volumes about our lack of transition as a society that attacks on places of worship have remained stubbornly high at almost 150 per year for the last three years.

“Too often in Northern Ireland attacks on places of worship are nor merely mindless vandalism but more sinisterly acts of sectarian violence designed to intimidate entire communities.

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“Under the Government’s Hate Crime Action Plan, there is funding available to support additional security measures for places of worship. Unfortunately, this is only available in England and Wales. We need this protection extended to Northern Ireland.

“The ongoing attacks on Places of Worship show that our society has not yet moved to a place of tolerance and respect for all faiths. It is imperative that we all keep working to that goal.”

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