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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Cllr Holmes ‘hails success of the STEM’

The STEM village has been a regular feature at the AirWaves Portrush event for several years and has again this year attracted thousands that passed through its various exhibitions over the weekend, despite the damp conditions.

Cllr Richard Holmes has hailed the success of the STEM village at this year’s Airwaves in Portrush. With a rich diversity of companies from the private sector, military and education, the village proved a popular attraction throughout the weekend.

Cllr Richard Holmes visits STEM village at Portrush during the weekend.
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Cllr Holmes said:

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“It is exciting to see the entire supply chain from education establishments such as the Northern Regional College and Universities to defence supply companies such as Thales and the end users in the various forces.

“There are exciting career opportunities through the STEM subjects and on the verge of Brexit we need to concentrate more than ever on these disciplines to drive our economy forward in the new world soon to open up.

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“As ever the Council staff have done a superb job with STEM. Now occupying three marques, the STEM village has grown to be a centre piece of the ground show at Airwaves.

“We look forward with anticipation to engineers, mathematicians and scientists whose torch for their career path was ignited by a demo in the STEM village.”

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