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Friday, August 12, 2022

Cllr Wallace privileged to attend Memorial unveiling

Ivor Wallace, one of many Councillors & guests at today’s UDR memorial unveiling today in Coleraine, spoke of his privilege to be able to attend.

The memorial was erected at the cenotaph outside Coleraine town hall and today was unveiling as a permanent reminder of those who served for the UDR in the local area.

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Speaker after attending the unveiling Cllr Wallace told us;

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“It was a privilege to be in attendance at the unveiling of the UDR memorial today.

“The sacrifice that many of the regiment made should never be forgotten nor allowed to be airbrushed or their history rewritten.

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“My thoughts today are especially with those families left behind after their Kith and kin were murdered by the cowardly terrorists.”

Councillors Ivor Wallace and John McAuley either side of Alderman John Finlay.

The UDR served from 1970 to 1992, and assisted the RUC during some of the most horrific years of the troubles, with The UDR suffering many casualties over the years.

Causeway Councillor, John McAuley also said that it was;

“A proud day for The Regimental Association of The Ulster Defence Regiment.”

Coleraine UDR memorial
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