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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Cllr Wilson condemns Orange hall attack

Rasharkin Orange hall has yet again become the victim of an overnight attack in which graffiti was painted on the building.

Considering the attack, UUP Councillor Darryl Wilson said: “Unfortunately, once again last night Rasharkin Orange Hall has been subjected to another attack where graffiti was daubed on the front of the building.

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“I have stated on the record numerous times that this type of criminal behaviour is completely unacceptable and should be condemned by all, no matter what affiliations a hall or community /sports building has they should not be used as an outlet for a small minority to spew their “hate speech” while trying to destabilise communities.

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“In recent days the Twelfth of July celebrations passed off peacefully throughout the 5 local districts including Rasharkin, this has no doubt upset the mindless few who cling onto hatred and abhor stability and good community relations.

“I have spoken to a representative from the Rasharkin District and will be liaising with the psni also with a view to exploring measures to prevent further attacks and to apprehend those responsible.”

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Storey condemns graffiti attack on Rasharkin Orange Hall

North Antrim DUP MLA Mervyn Storey also condemned the attack in a statement this afternoon.

“Sadly there are an unrepresentative number of individuals who cannot just accept that even a building representing a different tradition exists in the village,” said Mr Storey.

“This latest attack is to be condemned. It is particularly disappointing given there was a very peaceful 12th parade in the village on Monday, without any incidents, protests or provocation.

“I have no doubt that this sectarian attack will be condemned by the majority of the people of Rasharkin.

“I have spoken to the Police and asked that attention is given to Orange Halls in the area.”

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