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Friday, August 12, 2022

Cllr Wilson – ‘Mindless People’ remove safety signs near accident black spot

Recently a local oranger lodge places signs at an accident black spot near the famous Dark Hedges to warn drivers slow down, BUT sometime yesterday evening the signage was ripped down.
Local councillor has spoken out about their removal saying;

“Unfortunately signs placed at a local accident Black spot by concerned local residents have been ripped down last night. The Bregagh Road (dark hedges) is a popular tourist destination since the area featured on Game of Thrones. Over the last number of years there have been numerous car collisions including one which unfortunately claimed the life of a tourist.

Local politicians from across the political spectrum have been lobbying the department for infrastructure to install improved signage to help prevent further accidents. The department have not acted leaving local concerned residents with no other option but to install their own signage.

Last night the signage was ripped down. The signs in question were an attempt to improve road safety for local people and tourists alike. It is staggering that some mindless people have actually went to the effort to remove these!”

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