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Monday, May 10, 2021

Coastguard tasked to Portstewart after teenage girls slip of rocks

The Coleraine Coastguard team were tasked this afternoon to Portstewart after two teenage girls got into difficulties.

Speaking about the incident, a spokesperson for the Coastguard said:

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“At 1533 today, the Coleraine CG Team was tasked to Harbour Hill Portstewart, following an incident involving two 14 year old girls.

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“The girls had been walking on rocks, east of the Harbour, when they had slipped into the water and had been unable to climb out again.

“Fortunately, their predicament had been noticed by two members of the public, who immediately went to their aid.

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“The girls sustained minor injuries and were clearly shocked by their accident. They were taken into the care of the Coastguard Team until the arrival of the Ambulance Service.”

This incident adds to the growing number of call outs recently where people have got into difficulties along the North Coast.

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