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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Coleraine NI protocol protest passes off peacefully

A protest this evening (Friday, April 30) in Coleraine organised by the Loyalist Collation has passed off peacefully.

Hundreds of participants took part in the protest march through Coleraine, after a post circulated on social media the weekend previous asking for the ‘entire Loyalist community and all Loyal Orders’ to come out in support.

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The protest, which was unnoticed to the parades commission, was lead by a number of drums and flutes, as it made its way through the town centre where PUP Councillor Russel Watton laid a wreath before the crowd moved onto the Bridge Street area of the town.

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Prior to the protest setting off, Councillor Watton told Causeway Coast community: “The message from Coleraine is we’re not accepting the protocol, we’re both accepting the border in the Irish Sea and we’re not accepting two-tier policing.

“It’s as simple as that.

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“They can huff & puff all they want and do what they like, but we’ve been betrayed – people know they’ve been betrayed and it has to stop. Concessions to IRA/SF has to stop, concession after concession.”

When asked about the outcome of the NI protocol, the Councillor concluded: “The protocol smashes the Good Friday Agreement. Runs the coach and horse through it.

“The Unionists didn’t break the Good Friday Agreement, it was the British & Irish governments.

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