Concerns raised over council’s spend on agency staff by SDLP Councillor

SDLP Councillor Helena Dallat-O’Driscoll has raised concerns about the council’s spend on agency staff after the Local Government Auditor raised it as an issue in her annual report.

Councillor Dallat O’Driscoll said that the council should conduct a cost benefit analysis of the use of agency staff.

Going onto say;

“The Local Government Auditor’s report contains useful information and recommendations relating to value for money across all councils. When we spend ratepayers’ money, it’s important that we do so responsibly and achieve the maximum value for every penny spent.

 The Auditor’s report reveals that a significant proportion of Causeway Coast and Glens Council staff expenditure is allocated to agency staff. I recognise that there are entirely legitimate circumstances where the council has to rely on external staff for the performance of public services. But long-term reliance on agency staff does not always represent value for money and I’m concerned that ratepayers’ money has not been spent as wisely as it could.

 The Council should undertake a cost-benefit review of the use of agency staff to explore the options open to us. I will be writing to the Chief Executive to request this as soon as possible.”

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