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Monday, May 16, 2022

Council must take swift action

Concerns have been raised by Portstewart residents at what they feel is an absence of council action in the Crescent area of Portstewart following Storm Franklin.

A local man described the situation as a ‘health and safety concern’ and ‘hazardous’, saying: “Causeway Coast and Glens council have failed to take swift action.

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“The playpark and Crescent area, in general, is in a state of disarray, with rubble and debris a major concern.

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“When we were walking past, we actually saw some children down in the middle of it because there are no safety barriers to cordon the area off whatsoever.

“Surely people’s safety should be a priority for the council; this needs to be addressed immediately.”

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The gentleman, a resident of the seaside town, added: “The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for more strong winds on Wednesday and Thursday, surely making this area safe and secure must now be a priority.”

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