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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Council update staff over budgetary concerns

A special council meeting was held last night (Wednesday) to discuss the current concerns over the councils financial situation.

The meeting was held in private and the content of that meeting are not know, but prior to the session going into committee, Cllr Darryl Wilson asked that staff be updated.

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Cllr Wilson asked that a letter be issued immediately to all staff from the Chief Executive ‘to update them on our current position and to help quell some of the rumours that are circulating at present’.

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This letter has now been issued and a copy has been seen by the Ballymoney Bubble.

Within the letter the Chief Executive reassures staff but states that due to increase cost at the end of last year that an ‘in-year saving of £2.3m’ is needed to start next year on a ‘strong financial footing’.

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The letter also states that council still has a health cash reserve and that current rumours of insolvency are untrue.

Proposals are to be considered to make this £2.3m saving but these are not identified in letter but it does mention that ‘presently nothing on the table that requires any compulsory redundancies’.

CouncillorS will agree proposals and a plan finalised by the end of the month according to the correspondence.

Chief Executive David Jackson finished the letter to staff by stating;

“The impact on front line services will be minimal and we should view this as a further opportunity to improve services and be more efficient.“

Mr Jackson also thanked staff for their ‘continued excellent work and support’.

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