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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Councillor Wallace ‘disappointment’ at lack of Public Realm work to High Street.

Councillor Ivor Wallace has expressed his disappointment that the Public Realm work at High Street in Ballymoney has been abandoned and that a new scoping exercise is now to take place, effectively putting the scheme back by a considerable delay.
Councillor Wallace has said;

“The project was identified as part of Ballymoney’s Master Plan, with residents and businesses in the town keen to see it implemented.

The proposed public realms work would have created a community space in the town centre and was estimated to have an investment of around £1million for Ballymoney.

One of my priorities is effective Town Centre Management and I will be working to ensure that this investment isn’t lost within the town centre and the establishment of this much needed community space occurs as soon as possible.”

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