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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Councillor Wilson urges parents to remain vigilant online.

Following on from another warning from PSNI for parents to beware of the ‘Momo’ challenge, the public are asked to be cautious of what Children see and do online.
Ulster Unionist Councillor Darryl Wilson has urged parents to remain vigilant when it comes to their children’s online safety.
Cllr Wilson said

“In the last number of years the” Momo Challenge “appeared online in the United States, the game has now spread to Northern Ireland. This disturbing game targets young people via Whatsapp and encourages them to carry out violent acts or to kill themselves, if these tasks are not completed the app tells children that bad things will happen to their friends and families.

It has been reported that ads for this sickening game have appeared while children play popular online games such as Roblox.

In recent days I have noticed hundreds of parents locally using social media to warn each other about the threat to their children’s welfare.

I would urge all parents to check their children’s iPads and phones for evidence of the Momo challenge and if required install parental controls and safety measures to their devices.”

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