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Councillors disgust at litter ‘epidemic’


DUP Alderman John Finlay has expressed his disgust at the levels of litter across the Ballymoney DEA and has described it as being an ‘epidemic’.

Alderman Finlay said: “When I was at school, we were taught never to drop litter at our feet, but to place it in a bin.

“It was regarded as a fundamental rule of good behaviour, and surely even more so today when we are so aware of the pressures on the environment and the importance of re-cycling our waste.

“I am therefore totally appalled by the level of litter which is strewn all over the streets, roads and hedgerows of the Ballymoney DEA. It is not only unsightly but it presents us with a very real health hazard, and it has become so bad that I fear it is now of epidemic proportions.

“I suspect that it has been made worse by the lockdown as more people are using takeaways and other fast food outlets, but that is no excuse. The Council is doing all it can to address the issue, but I appeal to members of the public to act in a socially responsible manner and dispose of their litter in bins. It is basic common decency to do so.”