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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Dark Hedges Tree goes up for public auction PICTURE: McAuley Multimedia

A beech tree from the famous line of tree’s known locally as the ‘Dark Hedges’, has been put up for auction by the land owner, who’s land the tree fell onto, after falling victim during a recent storm.

The tree’s at the ‘Dark Hedges are over 200 hundred years old and line both sides of the narrow stretch of road near the small village of Stranocum. The road once boasted over 100 trees, mostly beech, but now as few as 60 still exists.

  Pictures Steven McAuley/McAuley Multimedia
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The stretch of road has saw in recent years an influx of visitors to see the site, in no small part to it’s appearance on popular series Game of Thrones where it plays the part of the ‘King’s Road’.

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Unfortunate the popularity of the ‘Dark Hedges’ has brought with it problems as the increased traffic and visitors has been blamed for erosion of the road and the banks which the tree’s are planted. This has led to the root systems of the tree’s being compromised and becoming easily uprooted during stormy weather.

The tree is being auctioned on behalf of land owner James Laverty by auctioneer Daniel McAlister of Daniel McAlister & Son Estate Agency, and will go to the highest bidder.

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