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Monday, October 25, 2021

Darryl Wilson – UUP

Next of our local council candidate profiles for the Ballymoney DEA, is UUP’s Darryl Wilson

Mr Darryl Wilson will be standing as a candidate for the UUP. The Father of two daughters ,he has lived in Ballymoney for many years.

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Darryl for over 10 years worked as a manager for a local firm before working for himself and still continues to run his own local mobile catering business in the town.

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Running ‘Mr D’s’ catering van gives Darryl an opportunity to meet many people daily and gauge their feelings, issues and opinions locally. This has in his previous term allowed Darryl to lobby for the issues which matter most to the electorate. These have included local facilities at Joey Dunlop Leasure Centre, ‘Riverside Park’ and the Glebeside Estate ‘MUGA Pitch’, just to name a few.

Other areas Darry felt passionate about in his pervious council term was improving the towns infrastructure and keeping Ballymoney on the council map with unique flagship events which make the town standout

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Darryl will run along side the other UUP candidate, Tom McKowen, who had also ran alongside Darryl and been elected to CCGBC in the 2014 elections.


2014 was the first year standing in council elections for Darryl as Ballymoney Borough made the transition over to CCGBC and was selected as the first Deputy Mayor in the new super council.

Darryl obtained 754 1st preference votes, polling higher that running partner Tom McKowen after the first stage. The final total for Darryl was 966. This didn’t meet the quota but both Darryl and Tom McKowen were elected on the final count without a quota.


-Regeneration of the local towns and villages is high on Darryl’s list as you can expect as he was one of the figures that fought for the regeneration of the Riverside Park in the town, an issue which is ongoing. Darryl also wants to see better and modernised infrastructure put in place.

-Govermentt cohesion looks to be another important issue for Darryl who acknowledges that he may have views which differ to others in council but that for the good of the area these must not inhibit how councils work is carried out to deliver a ‘quality level of service’ to everyone.

-Health and Wellbeing within the local communities. Darryl if re-elected will continue his work already started and encourage others in council to promote activities and services for the physical and mental well being of the electorate within the borough including encouraging communities to work together.

-With many great and flagship events in the area, Darry is committed to preserving these and encouraging the development of our rich tourist market.

Darryl sets out his priority for the council is, ‘doing what is RIGHT for all sections of the community’.

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