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Friday, August 12, 2022

David Hanna – UKIP

Next of our local council candidate profiles for the Ballymoney DEA, is UKIP’s David Hanna.

Mr Hanna is standing in the Ballymoney DEA for the first time on behalf of UKIP.

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Born and raised outside Ballymoney, David attended Knockahollet PS before attending Ballymoney Hight School. Later he continued his education in agricultural studies at Greenmount College.

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This is the first time UKIP will be represented in the Ballymoney DEA. In the previou council elections in 2014 for Causeway Coast & Glen’s, UKIP ran three candidates.

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In Causeway DEA Adrian Parke was eliminated at stage 4 with 252 votes, in Coleraine DEA William Ogilby was eliminated at stage 2 with 200 votes and in the Limavady DEA with a total of 109 votes Richard Nicholl was eliminated at stage 2 polling the least amount of votes in the DEA.

UKIP will this time be hoping for some gains in this set of elections and with the topic of Brexit on everybody lips, being a pro leave party, they may see some support or at least transfers from fellow leave parties. Given the low numbers in the previous 2014 elections, it’s yet to be seen if any increase will be enough to secure a seat in the CCGBC.


UKIP has stated that they are offering an Unionist alternative to the parties and politics currently available. They feel that they have failed both locally and nationally. As a pro leave party they will stand up for a true EU exit, freedom of speech and conscience.

The following are the pledges that UKIP have set out for their councillors if elected;

-Put local interests, not party or self-interest first;

-Stand up for veterans and ex-service men and women;

-They will campaign to end the Stormont ‘Gravy-Train’ and empower councils with much more decision making authority over local services;-

-The will campaign for the lowering of rates across the board;

-UKIP will fight to stop the ‘waste’ of ratepayers money on ‘fat-cat’ council executive salaries and vanity projects and

-They will campaign to prioritise council investment in front line services and re-invigorating our towns, villages and local communities.

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