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Department of Health give reassurances over a COVID-19 mobile testing unit at a Ballymoney school


The department of Health have provided clarification and reassurance, following concerns of a mobile testing unit (MTU) setup at Ballymoney High at the beginning of the week.

In response to a number of concerns raised by Independent Councillor Angela Mulholland on behalf of constituents, the Department have now responded.

Confirming that testing is still available at the four fixed testing centre, the department went on to say:“MTU’s which are deployed often for shorter periods in towns and villages across Northern Ireland to support a rapid response to specific clusters or outbreaks.”

“The location of all MTU sites needs to accommodate a large outdoor space that can facilitate the drive through requirements and every effort is afforded to identify suitable and available locations.” Explaining their decision to use school properties.

The current MTU at Ballymoney High School was necessarily deployed to the current site at short notice and will be in situ until Sunday 23rd August.”

In Conclusion the Department reiterated their reassurance to the concerns raised as schools and pupils return:

“(The Department) acknowledges your concerns in respect to the use of school grounds but wish to ensure you that all risks are fully assessed and managed throughout the period of deployment for each MTU. (The Department) can confirm again that the MTU in Ballymoney High will be redeployed Sunday 23rd August.”

It is understood that the MTU could be setup just a short distance at the Joey Dunlop Leisure Centre from Monday.

UPDATE: It is now know that the MTU has moved to the Joey Dunlop Leisure Centre and the last day it was based at Ballymoney High School was Thursday.