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Dervock Parade application refused

Dervock young defenders on parade

A application submitted by Dervock Young Defenders for a parade around the village on July 13th has been refused by the parades commission.

According to PUP Councillor Russel Watton with regards the Parades Commissions decision, he said:

“I have just had confirmation that the proposed parade on the 13th July by Dervock Young Defenders has been refused permission by the Parades Commission.

“In their deliberation they state that “a responsible organiser can have no assurance, nor be satisfied, that a parade may be delivered that ensures compliance with the relevant legislation in the timeframe available.

“Why should this not be deliverable? It is deliverable in supermarkets, garden centres and golf courses. Are they seriously saying that a band of 24 members can’t socially distance in a short parade lasting no more than an hour,in their own village.

“There are numerous examples in the last few weeks, particularly funerals, where social distancing regulations were followed to the letter.

“The recent V.E. day celebrations saw many garden parties with no issues, the same would pertain during this proposed parade.What happens if even more restrictions are lifted in the next few weeks?

“I have been reliably informed, from a number of sources, that the P.S.N.I. have no objections to this parade.

Concluding Cllr Watton said:

“Are the Parades Commission doing a solo run in this case? Is this decision political? Whatever the case I would ask the Dervock Young Defenders to appeal this decision and seek a review at the earliest opportunity. You can be sure of my continued support.”