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Sunday, July 3, 2022

“Disgrace and Embarrassment” UUP leader Robin Swann speaks out at ‘Stormont Crisis’

Speaking to FUSE FM Ballymoney just as Ballot boxes were arriving at the Seven Towers Leisure centre for the North Antrim Westminster count, the leader of the UUP Robin Swann said it was a “disgrace and embarrassment’ to the parties responsible for getting the assembly up and running again.

Mr Swann said it was “imperative” to sort this out as the health service was suffering with waiting lists increasing and schools not yet having received their budgets for the new term.

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Speaking about the UUP candidate for North Antrim, Mr Jackson Minford, he said he was “no stranger to politics” with his late father serving as UUP speaker in 1974. Mr Swann said Minford had “much experience in the party and politics”.

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Unfortunatly Mr Minford failed to win the Westminster seat, only polling 3482 votes.


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