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Dog reunited with owner after cliff fall at Runkerry House


Happy to report that the dog rescued earlier from cliffs at Runkerry Head, was reunited with its owner fit and well, if a little shaken.

The wee poodle, named Ollie, fell 150 feet down the cliff at Runkerry House.

The Coastguard said:

“At 16:30 this afternoon, Coleraine and Ballycastle CRTs began a rope rescue operation to reach Ollie and the rope technicians were delighted to find him safe and well. So well, in fact, a game of cat (sorry, dog) and mouse ensued after Ollie kept dodging the rescuers attempts to catch him. Finally he was grabbed and brought to the top of the cliff safe in our small animal rescue bag.”

Concluding, the coastguard advised caution to dog owners:

“HM Coastguard will always respond to domestic animal rescues along the coast to prevent owners and the public endangering themselves by attempting to rescue a distressed animal.

“We would like to repeat our message to all dog owners to always keep your pet on a lead while walking near cliff edges. If your pet gets in to difficulty, please don’t attempt a rescue yourselves. Dial 999 and ask for the COASTGUARD.”