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Thursday, May 19, 2022

DUP announce the three candidates for Ballymoney in council elections

The DUP will stand 3 candidates in the Ballymoney DEA for the upcoming council elections in May.

John Finlay & Alan McLean will stand again alongside the news addition of Mr Ivor Wallace,
On social media Mr Wallace said that he was;

‘Delighted to have been selected to run in the local government elections for the DUP.My passion for Ballymoney has always been evident and if elected I’ll do my best for the town and it’s wonderful people from all communities.’

John Finlay also made the announcement this morning that he would be standing again.

‘Honoured to have been selected to run again in Ballymoney DEA with Alan McLean and Ivor Wallace in the forthcoming Council election on 2nd May.

Having been a Councillor since 1998, I hope that people have the confidence in me once again to give me and my colleagues their vote. Our country has its challenges and as a Unionist people, we need to come out and vote for a strong, united team.

I have worked to the best of my ability for the people of Ballymoney over the years and delivered on local issues from roads, housing, benefits and many more. I am always there for people and do my best. I, therefore, ask you for your vote on 2nd May.’

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