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Thursday, January 20, 2022

DUP candidate labels Sinn Fein event “blatant political misuse of council resources”

DUP candidate Trevor Clarke has called out Sinn Fein over an event that was held and hosted by Mayor Brenda Chivers in the Causeway Council Offices as a ‘blatant political misuse of council resources’

The event was organised by Sinn Fein as an act of remembrance for Irish republican who died since the 1916 Easter Rising, of which their symbol is a white lily/Easter Lily.
The party posted acknowledgement of the event through a post on their social media.

Their has been widespread ‘disgust’ by the unionists community including from Deputy Mayor Trevor Clarke as the use of council property for such event.

Mr Clarke has said he had been in contact with the councils chief executive to ask for further details, saying;

“Late last night I was made aware of a Sinn Fein event held in the Mayor’s parlour at Cloonavin, Coleraine. Many people have been in touch stating their understandable outrage that public resources have been used to facilitate what was a party political event.

There are clear rules about how council property is used, and how it cannot be used. I have been in contact with the Council Chief Executive seeking further details about this event. I need to know precisely how this was organised before any action can be taken.

I will be pursuing this through the proper channels in order that any available sanctions are brought to bear for this blatant political misuse of council resources and property.”

Ballymoney Bubble has asked Mayor Chivers for comment.

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