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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

DUP criticised for ‘walkout’ over LGBT flag vote

The Causeway Coast & Glens DUP councillors have been criticised over a ‘walkout’ from last nights council meeting (25th June), prior to a vote on the flying of the LGBT rainbow flag for one day in support of Pride 2019.

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The motion would have allowed the flying of this flag for one day at the council building. It’s understood that this was a last minute addition to the order paper by Mayor and the SInn Fein party and wasn’t listed on the agenda.

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Sinn Féin’s councillors Cara McShane and former Mayor Brenda Chivers have spoked out against the walkout.

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Cllr McShane, who’s motion it was, said she was ‘disappointed’ at the DUP councillors reaction to her motion while party colleague Cllr Chivers said;

“DUP walk out so they couldn’t vote to fly a LGBT flag for one day. Disgrace.”

Defending their decision to walk out of last nights meeting, a spokesperson for the DUP CCGBC Group has told the Ballymoney Bubble that;

“(DUP) had to regrettably withdraw towards the end of our June full council meeting because the Mayor and Sinn Fein decided to ride rough shot over procedure by introducing a last minute agenda item which not all members were aware of. This was not acceptable to us as a group and would fly in the face of Standing Orders.

Our only course to stop this happening was to walk out and bring the meeting to a halt.”

Belfast City Council and ABC Borough Council will fly the LGBT flag after winning support for the motion, but after this DUP ‘walk out’, its unclear if CCGBC will see the same above or at any of their buildings.

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