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Monday, May 16, 2022

DUP leaders take to the stage at party spring conference in Co-Tyrone

Saturday saw the DUP Spring conference take place in Omagh, and its was no surprise that the hot topics on the agenda were the Stormont Talks, or lack off and Brexit.

Speaking at the conference, deputy leader Nigel Dodds talked about Brexit saying that;

“No Brexit deal is better than a bad deal.”

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He also took the opportunity to tell the conference that the PM Theresa May will have the DUP’s full support, as long as she makes changes to the controversial ‘backstop’ as the party will not do anything to undermine the Union.

“We must work for a sensible deal which works for every part of the United Kingdom.”

Arlene Foster, DUP Leader.
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Taking to the stage, the DUP leader, Arlene Foster took the opportunity to send a message to Sinn Fein. She placed the blame firmly at their feet, over the lack of government currently in Northern Ireland, which began when the institution collapsed in 2017 over the RHI scheme.

What began as the failures of RHI quickly gave rise to other ‘red lines’ which to date have failed to be addressed despite several talks between the parties. These issues include an ‘Irish Language Act’, same sex marriages and agreement on how to approach legacy issues.

“Two years ago Sinn Fein walked out of the Northern Ireland Executive. After the subsequent election in March 2017, Sinn Fein refused to enter the Executive or the Assembly until their shopping list of demands was ticked off.” 

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Ms Foster had one last warning for Sinn Fein.

“Four of the five parties in Northern Ireland are ready to move on and restore the Assembly.One party stands as the blockage. I warn Sinn Fein today from this platform, THIS IS NO GAME!”

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