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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

‘DUP’ printing firm at centre of mock ballot ‘error’ investigation

A printing business ran from a DUP MLAs home, responsible for an error on mock ballot papers in the Ballymoney area during the May council elections, are the centre of an ongoing police investigation into the matter.

AC Print, which is ran by DUP MLA Trevor Clarke’s son out of the family home near Randalstown, was responsible for the printing of the mock ballots used in the Ballymoney area in May.

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Some of the mock ballots distributed at a number of the polling station ‘allegedly’ listed TUV candidate William Blair beside the party logo for Alliance instead of the TUV logo.

TUV candidate William Blair at to of mock ballot listed alongside Alliance logo!
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Despite the wrong logo to the right of his name, the text below Mr Blair’s name did however have the correct party, Tradition Unionist Voice, BUT Mr Blair said at the time;

“I was pretty annoyed when I first discovered it, and when I rang I was even more annoyed at their whole attitude to it.

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“Their whole attitude was, – That doesn’t really matter, what odds.”

Mr Blair went on to lose his council seat by four votes and told the press at the time that it was ‘possible’ this ‘printing error’ could have cost him his seat,

TUV leader Jim Allister described what the DUP called a ‘genuine mistake by the printer’ as a “dirty trick to far”.

At the time the DUP said once they were made aware of the error, the mock ballots were corrected by using a pen to score out Alliance beside Mr Blair’s name and that an apology was give for the error to the former councillor.

A complaint has since been made to the PSNI by Mr Blair, which is believed to still be under investigation, but as of yet no charges have been made against anyone.

According to a recent article by the Irish News, there is also other investigations ongoing which involve AC Print operating from the family home.

The Irish News article states;

“A huge garage constructed beside the rural property is the subject of a council investigation into alleged planning breaches.

“Mid and East Antrim council is also examining a printing business (AC Print) which is run by his (Trevor Clarke) son from the address without planning approval.“


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