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Monday, October 25, 2021

DUP want to ‘rescind’ council decision on car parking charges.

The DUP have released a statement in which the group reveal they plan to submit a motion to ‘rescind’ councils decision on car parking charges.

The subject of parking charges will be put before council again at next weeks special council meeting.

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The motion which reads, “We undersigned would like to rescind the decision made by Council on 7th January Item 6 review of Car Parking Charging. This is under Standing Orders 23 (1)”.

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The following councillors have put their name to the motion. Councillor Callan, Councillor McAuley, Alderman Finlay, Councillor Scott, Alderman S McKillop, Councillor McLean, Councillor Knight-McQuillan, Alderman Robinson and Alderman McCorkell.

A spokesperson has released the following on behalf of the party.

“The DUP Causeway Group believe that every option should be on the table for next weeks special meeting regarding Rates.

“This is why we have brought car parking charges back to the agenda. We agree with other parties that tough decisions have to be made. It is now for them to show they mean those words. Bringing in these charges would help lower the rate we would have to strike.

“As we have stated before we will be seeking a full reform plan for the next three years to make sure we are never in this position again.

“DUP is working hard to make sure we can deliver the best service at the best value for the ratepayer.”

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