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Email sent in error a ‘jocular manner’ says Paisley Jr


North Antrim’s Westminster representative, Ian Paisley, has described an email he sent out in error, as being sent in a ‘jocular manner’.

Replying to an email from a member of the public, instead of an individual response, the MP inadvertently sent the reply back to a over 300 others, which has now been leaked publicly.

In the reply Mr Paisley writes: “Mate, I wouldn’t let any government, least of all the NI Executive, track and trace my movements.”

Quickly realising what he had done, two minutes later he issued a second reply, backing tracking on his initial comments.

The follow up email read: “Oops, was replying in a jocular manner to a friend and obviously sent you all an email by mistake.

“Of course I support measures to protect the health of the nation by our government and NI Executive.

“Hope you saw the funny side of that. Ian.”

Not everyone did see the funny side as the exchange was quickly share across social media platforms.