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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Emergency services attacked in Londonderry over weekend

Over the weekend, both the police and NIFRS came under attack in the city of Londonderry in the Madam’s Bank area of the city, causing the NIFRS to withdraw from the area

A number of individuals are said to have set fire to road barriers which were then set across the road and a set of traffic light was also set on fire.

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Both emergency services were attacked with various forms of debris as they tried to deal with the situation but thankfully they’re were no injuries reported.

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Speaking about the weekend violence towards the Police, Chief Inspector Jonathan Hunter said;

“This weekend we have again seen youths take to the streets of Derry causing damage and misery to the local community and businesses.

I cannot understand what these youths hope to achieve. No-one wants this. 

Everyone should be in a position to go about their daily lives and come into the city without worrying about this mindless criminal behaviour. It has to stop and please help prevent young people from becoming involved, or caught up in these activities”.

Not only are you putting yourself in danger by becoming involved in activity such as this, you will also face consequences that can be far reaching and can seriously impact on your future opportunities for work, travel and being accepted for university,”

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