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Finlay ‘disappointed’ at sudden removal of flag pole from his village


A DUP Councillor, Alderman John Finlay, has said he is disappointed at the sudden removal of a flag pole from the Village of Cloughmills.

He has called for the replacement of a flagpole in his Village which, he says, has been there all his life.

Alderman Finlay said,

“The flagpole at the end of Loughhill Road in Cloughmills has been there in a prominent position for as long as I remember, and it was always great to see the Union Flag flying on it at certain times of the year.

“Suddenly, it has been removed. I know that it has been in some disrepair but I was hoping that it could either be repaired or, better still, replaced.

“Indications however are that there are no plans to repair or replace it. This would be a great pity, for we should be facilitating the flying of our national flag at every opportunity, and especially so as we approach the centenary of the
creation of Northern Ireland next year.

“I am extremely disappointed by what has happened and would like to know why it has happened.

I would urge those who have any say in the matter, especially my brethren within the loyal orders, to do all in their power to ensure that there is a flagpole in Loughhill Road. We owe it to future generations to keep the Union Flag flying.”