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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Finlay labels same sex marriage and abortion reform vote a ‘disgraceful betrayal’

Ballymoney’s DUP Councillor, Alderman John Finlay has voiced his opinion on today’s Reform vote at Westminster.

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The vote could see the introduction of same sex marriage and abortion reform to Northern Ireland if parties here can’t get Stormont up and running by 21st October.

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Alderman Finlay said,

“Just when we thought that we had seen it all at Westminster, the House of Commons has now stooped to a new moral and political low. In a devious move which rides roughshod over the whole principle of devolution, MPs have voted for legislative amendments to a Bill relating to the NI Assembly which are highly likely to lead to the introduction of same sex marriage and abortion reform later this year.

The Speaker should have rejected these amendments, but given his appalling track record, I am not surprised that he accepted them.

“Marriage law and abortion law are devolved matters. People here have strong views on both, and decisions on both should have been deferred until devolution has been restored. What is the point of having devolution if Westminster feels it can go ahead and decide on these matters? We are told it is all about human rights.

The god of human rights reigns supreme and his agenda trumps all other considerations. It’s clearly not only Sinn Fein who regard equality and humans rights as a Trojan Horse. And the reality is that even if same sex marriage was introduced tomorrow, triumphalist LGBTQ campaigners will not rest there, for their goal is the total destruction of traditional family values and a societal revolution.

“Abortion law in Northern Ireland has always been different from that of the rest of the UK, and we are thankful that the utterly appalling 1967 Abortion Act was never introduced here.

It is vital that we maintain a regime that supports the right to life of the unborn and offers support to the mother. Abortion on demand is a cruel betrayal of human rights.

“More importantly, we must pray for our Province. We are on a path that takes us further and further away from Biblical principles, and, unless the current trend is reversed, we are going to reap an awful whirlwind. May the Lord have mercy upon us.”

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