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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Firefighters come under attack in Portrush

Firefighters have come under attach in Portrush while out on a call.

It’s understood the incident happened in the early hours of this morning in the Glenbush Drive area of the town.

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A police spokesperson said:

At approximately 3.40 am this morning, police received a report that criminal damage had been caused to a NIFRS vehicle responding to an incident in the Glenbush Drive area of Portrush.

“It was reported that as the appliance was leaving the area it was struck with an object.

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UUP Councillor Norman Hillis expressed his disgust at learning of an attack on Fire Service personnel in Portrush.

“I am really upset and disgusted that a fire engine was attacked and damaged while attending a call out in the Dhu Varren area early on Saturday morning.

“Our brave fire fighters carry out dangerous tasks on a daily basis and deserve our wholehearted gratitude and support.

“I can hardly believe that anyone would attack them when they are out helping our community. I sincerely hope that the perpetrators are caught and severely dealt with.”

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