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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Firefighters continue to battle wildfires near Ballycastle

The battle to extinguish wildfires at Slieveamorra continues today as around 50 firefighters fight to bring the situation under control.

Another day has brought more sunny dry weather, making conditions difficult to work in for the firefighters, but also creating an extremely dry environment, helping to spread the fires quickly.

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Specialist units have also been tasked due to the nature of the terrain.

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A NIFRS spokesperson said

“On 21 April 2020 we were called to two significant gorse fires in the Altarichard Road area and the Islandboy Road area in Ballycastle.

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“15 Fire Appliances and around 70 Firefighters from across our Northern Area Command were deployed to deal with these incidents. The incident at Islandboy Road was dealt with by 4.39pm on 21 April.

“Nine Fire Appliances and over 50 Firefighters are still dealing with the incident at Altarichard Road in high winds and difficult terrain. The cause of both fires is currently under investigation. 

“These kinds of fires unnecessarily draw our resources away from where they are needed most, protecting our community. 

“Thanks to our planning, the changes we have made to how we deliver our service, and the hard work of our people, we are well placed to continue protecting our community during the COVID-19 pandemic, however it is important that the public work with us to not add any additional pressure on the emergency services during this time.”

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