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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Firework thrown from moving car in ‘stupid & dangerous act’

CCTV footage from a Ballymoney homeowner, has shown a ‘stupid & dangerous’ act, where a firework was thrown from a passing car into the garden of the property, exploding seconds later.

The homeowner, who doesn’t want to be named, lives in the countryside property outside Ballymoney and has asked for this footage to be made public to highlight that fireworks are not just a problem in towns and villages, but also in rural settings.

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As the video below shows, a firework appears to be thrown from a moving car passing the property. Seconds later the firework explodes several times, shooting back and forth across the yard.

CTCV footage of firework attach.
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No-one was injured but the property is home to not only to a number of  cats & dogs but also the homeowners son who is disabled. Speaking to the Ballymoney Bubble the homeowner said;

“These idiots think it’s ok to do this without even being able to see if anything or anyone was standing there at that exact time of launching them.”

As halloween approaches, the purchase and use of illegal fireworks increase and with it the anti-social aspects of their illegal and inappropriate use.

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In recent days a number of incidents have been reported including an one where a firework was set off inside a block of flats within the Glebeside Estate in Ballymoney.

Members of the public are urged  to report any information on the sale or use of illegal fire works on the non-emergency number 101.

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