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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Have a break, have a GREEN…TEA…KITKAT!!!

Can you imagine sitting down with a cuppa tea or coffee and reaching for this Japanese favourite..a Green Tea KitKat?

You may be mistaken for thinking at first sight that this popular chocolate bar was it’s mint flavour, but no this is a white chocolate two finger woody green tea flavoured ‘delight’, which is currently produced in a factory in Hamburg.

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Previously only those that lived or traveled to Japan could enjoy this version of KitKat, but now the makers Nestle have revealed that its for launching in Europe.

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To begin the bar will only be launched in eight countries within Europe, including the UK, on a trial basis.

However if you thought this version was odd…Japan has several other flavours not available anywhere else…

Versions of KitKat’s in Japan
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