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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Iain & Comeron challenge themselves for limbless veterans charity

Ballymoney father-son duo Iain and Cameron McAfee are pushing their bodies to the limit for injured and limbless military veterans in Northern Ireland.

Blesma ‘The Limbless Veterans’ was founded after the First World War, and 2022 marks 90 years since its formation. Since then, the charity has supported over 62,000 veterans with lifelong support.

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To recognise the 90th anniversary, Iain and Cameron are each walking 900,000 steps — an average of 5 miles a day — and doing 9,000 press-ups (100 a day) in a challenge that began on May 1 and will run until July 30.

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As part of the challenge recently, Iain and Cameron walked an impressive 20 miles from Ballymoney to Coleraine and back, clocking up over 40,000 steps in just over 5 hours.

Iain said: “We wanted to take on something that will challenge us physically and mentally. Each day we need to get out and walk and find time for the press-ups. At times you can feel lethargic and tired but compared to the daily experiences the veterans and families go through, this is nothing.”

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Iain and Cameron have already been accompanied by Maurice Bradley MLA and Cllr Darryl Wilson, and the good news it others will be joining them in the coming weeks as the challenge concludes. They will also be linking up with several injured veterans the fundraiser will support.

Donations to Iain and Cameron’s fundraiser can be made here https://blesma.enthuse.com/pf/iain-cameron-mcafee

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