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Monday, October 18, 2021

Ian Paisley gives a Wrightbus redundancy payments update

North Antrim Westminster candidate Ian Paisley has given an update on the redundancy payments due to Wrightbus workers, after they had been laid off by the firm, when it collapsed into administration back in September this year.

Contacting the permanent secretary’s office of employment on Wednesday, Mr Paisley was informed that ‘927 letters’ were sent out to the former employees by first class post on Tuesday (3 December) and that the letter ‘should be received’ with people today and tomorrow.

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Mr Paisley was also told by the permanent secretary’s office of employment that:

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“A further batch of insolvency payments, on a much smaller scale, are being processed and will be payed very soon thereafter.

I have thanked the department for putting in the time and processing this in advance of Christmas. I look forward to many of these former workers getting jobs back in the newly owned company.

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