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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Ian Paisley MP investigated by Electoral Commission over constituency dinner ‘donation’.

The Electoral Commission are to investigate the North Antrim MP Ian Paisley over money which was paid by Mid & East Antrim council to sponsor a table as part of the MP’s constituency dinner at the Tullyglass hotel, Ballymena in 2017.

The sponsorship of the table cost £1500 and this will be what the commission will focus on. As a council and under Electoral Commission rules a council can not make such a donation as they are not considered a ‘permissible donor’. As such the money paid could have to be returned.

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Mr Paisley speaking at the time said that the money wasn’t paid to the DUP but instead the hotel received the money directly.

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Mr Paisley has since issued the following regards the investigation.

“I can confirm that the Electoral Commission is continuing its investigation into Mid and East Antrim purchase of a table at my constituency dinner last year. I look forward to them concluding this matter soon,”

Also speaking about the investigation, a spokesperson for Mid & East Antrim council said,

“Council made payment to the Tullyglass Hotel via electronic payment. No money was exchanged between Council and the DUP. Council will fully co-operate with any investigation”

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