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Monday, May 16, 2022

Ian Paisley remains North Antrim MP

A 6 week recall petition to unseat the North Antrim MP, Ian Paisley, has failed to reach the 10% (7543) signatures required by the eligible North Antrim electorate. This falls short 444 signatures from the quota.

Mr Paisley had previously received a 30 day suspension from Westminster for failing to declare two holidays paid for by the Sri Lankan government.
But under new legislation passed in 2015, a recall petition could be called and if 10% of those eligible signed the petition it would trigger a bi-election and force the MP to resign their seat.
Mr Paisley’s case is the first time such recall petition has been used. Since the 10% quota was not met, Mr Paisley will return to his North Antrim seat in Westminster after his 30 day suspension ends.

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