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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Ian Paisley retains North Antrim Westminster seat with a ‘Landslide Win’

Ian Paisley Jr retained his Westminster seat for North Antrim and was returned with a ‘Landslide Victory’, polling 28521 votes, a significant increase from 2015.

Just minutes before the result was revealed, Mr Paisley spoke to FUSE FM Ballymoney about the importance of these Unionist seats to the Conservatives. Mr Paisley said,

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“Theresa May now knows that there is a number of Unionists that she will require if she wants to be Prime Minister and be successful in the next 5 years.”

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In order to be successful the Unionists needed to, “act responsible, put the people of Northern Ireland first and get the best deal for Northern Ireland.” He also said that Northern Ireland would be a priority in the Brexit negotiations.

On the topic of Brexit, Mr Paisley said the important issues for Northern Ireland needed to be, “trade deals, Northern Ireland getting its fair share and also fair share of the economy regard Agri foods and distribution of resources in the UK.”

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Concluding Mr Paisley was asked if he was returned to Westminister, what his mandate would be?

He said these would be to, “have a voce raised at every opportunity to promote North Antrim and increase jobs.” As well as that he said the people of Northern Ireland will have a voice that will proudly speak for them.


Having held the seat since 2010 after his late Father Dr Ian Paisley retired after 40 year as North Antrim MP, Ian Paisley will take up the seat for another 5 years as MP for North Antrim.

The DUP return to Westminster with 10 MPs.

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