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Increase in littering along North Coast beaches blamed on ‘surge of day trippers’


A “surge of day trippers” to the North Coast since the coronavirus lockdown eased has led to beaches being covered in litter.

Independent William McCandless said “Fortunately the good weather has returned and hopefully will remain with us for the weekend.

“However, with the increase of visitors to our beaches this has unfortunately led to the litter louts leaving a trail of food cartons, empty cans, soiled nappies, and other refuse.

“I have been contacted by residents of Castlerock concerning the amount of rubbish which is littering the beach by thoughtless people who show no care or consideration for the area, the residents, or other visitors coming to the area to enjoy the scenery and if the bins are already full, take your rubbish home with you, the beach is certainly not a dumping ground. Litter on beaches is unsightly, unpleasant and dangerous to humans and wildlife with waste such as broken bottles, sharp cans, rotting food and sanitary waste.

He concluded, “With ref to the statement by PSNI ACC Alan Todd yesterday I would appeal to our local officers to focus on the crowds gathering at beaches and to also apprehend those who are speeding, drunk drivers, and pay attention to those who are using Coleraine town as a race track in the evenings.”