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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Individual ‘defecated’ in Ballymoney estate play park.

The Glebeside Community play park within the estate has been hit by a gross act, where an individual is believed to have ‘defecated’ at the climbing frame within in the park.

The discovery was made on Sunday morning, when a parent from the estate, had taken their child to the park to play on the equipment.

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It was immediately reported to a community representative, who after enquire’s, discovered there had been activity in the park spotted in the early hours of that morning around 2am.

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The resident eyewitness described ‘a group of teenagers’ who were made up of both ‘boys and girls’ sitting withinthe park.

It’s understood that those individuals who were spotted in the park have been identified, but it is unclear if they have any involvement In the incident, but enquires are being made.

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The human excrement has now been removed by a member of the community and area since bleached to make it safe for kids to play on the equipment once again.

After many years of lobbying, the park was replaced with new equipment including a MUGA and changing facilities several years ago.

Glebeside play park before refurbishment several years ago

Since then there been a number of cases of vandalism to the park, but this is the first incident of this kind in the park since it was refurbished.

Local DUP Cllr Alan McLean has condemned the reckless and outrageous the behaviour of a group of young people saying;

“Parents of young children in the Glebeside were rightly outraged and horrified to discover that a small group of youths had decided it appropriate to defecateon the climbing equipment in the play park.

“This was mindless vandalism and could have posed a serious health risk to young people seeking simply to enjoy this great local play park. I want to commend those parents and volunteers who cleaned the park and would urge anyone with knowledge of the individuals involved to pass it to the PSNI.”

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