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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Ivor Wallace – DUP

Next of our local council candidate profiles for the Ballymoney DEA, is DUP’s Ivor Wallace.

Mr Ivor Wallace is one of the DUP candidates for Ballymoney DEA. Ivor has now been living in Ballymoney for over 30 years now and is a well known business man.

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Many Ballymoney natives will have fond memories as children, and maybe some adults, of ‘The Scoop Shop’ selling everyones favourite sweet treats. After the success of ‘The Scoop Shop’, Ivor moved into flowers with ‘Bud-N-Bows’ and then eventually his current job as a local locks smith with his business ‘Key Edge’.

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Ivor during his daily working life meets many people and gets to hear at the coal face the issues that affect the locals, that alongside with his community work with various projects, makes him well placed to represent the people which, despite not coming from Ballymoney originally, accepted them as one of their own.

This is the first time Ivor will run in a council election taking over from the the previous 2014 candidate Ian Stevenson, who will run on this occasion as an Independent. Ivor will run alongside the DUP’s John Finlay and Alan McLean, both of which held seats in the previous term.

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The DUP in the previous council elections in 2014 had ran 4 candidates, so this time three candidates have more ground to cover and more of the electorate to represent potentially. Will this translate into votes is the question?


-Ivor has shown over the years to have the local community at his heart. Even before showing an interest in local politics, he volunteered for many groups and for many events throughout the years and wants to continue this support if elected.

-It’s hard to look past the mental health problems faced in the communities of Northern Ireland and Ivor plan to continue the DUP’s support in this area, taking the fight to Ballymoney for future investment, supporting the various mental charities and programmes locally and supporting those who who and volunteer in these areas.

-Ivor has also made the elderly a priority and wants to see those that can, retain their independence, for as long as they can. Ivor has said he will work hard for programmes and opportunities for the elderly.

-Ivor is Pro-Union.

As well as his own mandate, Ivor will work on the issues that the DUP have made their local prioritys. These include high quality services while retaining low rates, more jobs, stronger communities and promoting the union for all while celebrating the Northern Ireland centenary in 2021.

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