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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

John Finlay – DUP

Next of our local council candidate profiles for the Ballymoney DEA, is DUP’s John Finlay.

Mr John Finlay is standing as a candidate in the Ballymoney DEA.

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A resident of the village of Cloughmills, John has served on council since 1998 and one of the longest current councillors for Ballymoney.

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John over his time in council served as mayor on several occasions. Firstly as Mayor from 2006-09 and again 2013, and Deputy Mayor from 2000-01.

As well as working as a councillor, John also works in the DUP office in Ballymoney for North Antrim MLA Mervyn Storey. This allows John to meet the electorate on a daily basis and hear the concerns that face them dad to day. Well placed to lobby for the issues that matter locally.

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The 2014 local council elections saw John gain the required quota of votes in 1st preferences alone and so was the first candidate to take his seat as a councillor.


As well as his own mandate, John will work on the issues that the DUP have made their local priorities.

These include high quality services while retaining low rates, more jobs, stronger communities and promoting the union for all while celebrating the Northern Ireland centenary in 2021.

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