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Sunday, October 17, 2021

John Wilson – TUV

Next of our local council candidate profiles for the Ballymoney DEA, is TUV’s John Wilson.

Mr John Wilson is running on behalf of the TUV for the first time in Ballymoney DEA.

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Married to Iris, John also has two grown up children, and lives just a few mile outside Ballymoney in the village of Bendooragh.

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John worked for 35 years in recently closed JTI Gallaghers before becoming a local sheep farmer.

Having worked in industry John knows the importance of keeping local jobs and business but also as a farmer John can sympathise also with the rural communities and rural businesses of how much harder it is survive in these modern times.

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Going into this new council term, the TUV has made top of their priorities to as they put it, ‘root out’ squander and provide the best value for money on behalf of the ratepayers.

Other pledges on behalf od the electorate are:

-Policing both visible and effective;

-Maximise local economic developments & jobs;

-Planning, which is fair and sensible;

-Providing support to local communities to ensure their identity is preserved;

-Diligent constituency service and

-As a pro Brexit part, TUV pledge to defend the union against anything which would have it broken or carved up.

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